Vic Sanchez
SaaS and Business Development

John Lynch

Vic's role at Ascentage focuses on assisting established and emerging companies in developing or fine-tuning successful subscription and SaaS business models. In addition, Vic helps companies develop go-to market and access to market strategies that scale as they grow. This includes mentoring and growing both individuals and teams into results-driven revenue engines.

Vic brings a 30 plus year track record in general management, business development, and mentoring teams in companies ranging in size from F100 to boot-strapped start-up. He understands and has led international teams spanning multiple continents and territories.

Vic has inspired and helped teams achieve beyond expectations at companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Silicon Graphics, Iomega, Autodesk, Newforma, and at many early stage new product companies. He has established business models and teams across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

An American Citizen, Vic is Cuban born with Galician roots, was American raised and after college spent extensive time living and working abroad. He holds a BS in Chemistry and Computer Science from the University of Miami and a MS in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University. His interests include one-design sailing, saltwater fly fishing, and relaxing with audio books.