Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Transactions

When your goal is to merge with or acquire another business, or to set up a strategic relationship, we support your executive team with proper planning and due diligence, then negotiate the terms on your behalf to get the highest value.

Successfully positioning your company for M&A requires significant experience. It requires knowing the steps to take, following proven procedures from exploring the possibilities of a partnership to negotiating a term sheet and getting the deal closed.

Identify M & A or Partnership candidates

Perform Due Diligence

  • Corporate records
  • Financial performance
  • Assets
  • Customers and markets
  • Licensing, Contracts and Agreements
  • Products
  • Business Model
  • Intellectual Property
  • Personnel
  • Compliance

Update Business and Financial Plan

Determine/Support Valuations

Negotiate terms of merger or acquisition

Get the deal closed

"You figured out the best way to put a deal together and then made it happen."

"As the company founder, I knew my strengths and weaknesses. When I sat with the acquirer's CEO and CFO, it was worth every penny to have Ascentage Group involved in every aspect of the negotiation."


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Drew Ogden