Growth and Development

Ascentage Group is in the business of helping companies ascend to another stage.

We are an excellent fit for small to mid-sized companies that are led by smart entrepreneurs, yet don't have a complete management team in place to deal with every key business issue a company encounters. These issues may include raising money, validating the product opportunity, signing new customers, building distribution channels, marketing, establishing financial controls, hiring the right people, protecting intellectual property or handling mergers and acquisitions.

It is our business to help your company evolve and realize its value. We deliver our services utilizing the AscentageTM Business Development System including:

Financial modeling and business planning

  • Provide financial modeling for budgeting and forecasting
  • Offer executive team building advice
  • Develop ongoing business and product strategies

Product and market validation for new and +1 products

  • Nail customer messaging and compelling value proposition
  • Build the minimum viable product
  • Establish usage levels then scale

New revenue generation

  • Improve sales process
  • Acquire new customers
  • Establish channels
  • Expand appropriately into domestic and international markets

Financial compliance and controls implementation

  • Implement business process and operational standards
  • Establish revenue recognition policies

Intellectual property protection and management

  • Help Identify, protect, manage and monetize key intangible assets of the business

"The Ascentage team was involved in founding the company. Now we are 130 employees with $30 million sales."

"We had 32 product ideas we could have launched. You helped us decide what our next product should not be."

"I want to grow my business. Then I want to sell my business."


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Brad Steer