How We Work

We work as an extension of your executive management team. Our best relationships are long term and usually continue for three or more years. We  work closely with your company and strive to achieve common goals. We may also serve on your board of directors or advisory board when appropriate.

We can engage with your company in a number of ways. Whether working for fixed fee, success fee or equity, we structure the engagement to fit your business needs.

We balance our fees and equity participation with a commensurate risk/reward formula so you can maximize the amount of working capital you need to grow your business.


How clients pay for our services:

For Business Development and Growth Engagements

  • Monthly fees or project-based fees
  • Vesting equity, typically on a three-year vesting schedule
  • Success fee for specified transactions

For Merger, Acquisition and Strategic Partnership Engagements

  • Hourly, monthly or project-based fees
  • Success fee based on transaction size for the sale of a company's securities or assets
  • Success fee for the acquisition of a target company's securities or assets

Appointment to board of directors or advisory board

  • Board member fees
  • Stock options

"You were involved in founding the company. Now we are 130 employees with $30 million sales."

"As a small company, we didn't have the expertise on our management team until you came in."

"You quickly assessed our business and identified two things that were most important. Then you focused us so we didn't get distracted."

"Our business improved because you taught us how to understand the customer instead of developing product and messaging in a vacuum."

"The best money we spent from our Series A round, was for your product and market validation assistance."

"Our valuation continually went up while you were with us."