• Why So Slow?

    Why So Slow?

    The economic case for disruption of the built environment is clear.  The architects, engineers, construction managers, real estate developers, facility managers and owners we know are among the brightest people we’ve known in our careers.  Some of the technology we’re now seeing is… Read More

  • Shifting the Focus

    Shifting the Focus

    Given the growing momentum for construct tech disruption and the dollars flowing into the industry, we’d all like to believe that Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ would guide investments toward the largest opportunities.  Were that the case, we believe that we would see more applications… Read More

  • Construction – Huge, and Unchanged Since the Pyramids

    Construction – Huge, and Unchanged Since the Pyramids

    The case for action is clear, and the next few paragraphs are directed at those dinosaurs who haven’t yet seen the fireball.  If you’re already on-board, skip this post.   Infrastructure-related spending (using the broadest definition that also includes real estate, oil and… Read More

  • Post Zero

    Post Zero

    We have seen just the beginnings of a long-overdue and technology-driven disruption of the built environment.  There are over 2,500+ startups vying for and obtaining private equity capital from fewer than 1,000 less than 2 years ago; in many cases from focused VC… Read More